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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Naked 100 E-Liquid (60mL) - Original Line

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Naked 100 E-Liquid by USA Vape Labs is a world-renowned brand of ultra-premium fruit-flavors. These refreshing e-juices are expertly blended using USA Vape Labs cutting-edge manufacturing process.

Naked 100 New Maui Sun e-liquid has got us feeling those beach vibes. Chill out with this fragrant, tropical fruit flavored, vape-juice that blends fresh cut pineapple, sweet tangerine, and orange fruit flavors. On the inhale, pineapple takes the lead which gives way to the cooling citrus duo of tangerine and orange on the exhale. Take a mini vacay with every smooth hit of this ultra-premium e-juice. Make this your year-round go to for a little escape from your regular day to day.

Naked 100 All Melon e-liquid is a refreshing mashup of the worlds favorite melons. NO! Not those melons silly. I’m talking about these melons in here. This All Melon e-juice tastes of cool watermelon, sweet cantaloupe, and crisp honeydew. Make no mistake, these melons are unlike all others so be sure to add this refreshing, premium e-juice to your regular rotation.

Naked 100 Amazing Mango e-liquid tastes like an ice-cold fruit smoothie with its satisfying blend of mango and peaches & cream flavors. Do you mean to tell me that you get all of that deliciousness and none of those dreadful calories? Sign me up bro! I'm a big fan of fruit-flavored e-juices and I think I will be enjoying this one all year long.

Naked 100 Green Blast e-liquid will blast your senses with a refreshingly tart blend of sweet honeydew melon, ripe kiwifruit, and crisp green apple. This perfectly balanced bouquet of fresh fruit flavors is smooth on the throat and makes for some seriously pleasing vape clouds. 

Naked 100 Hawaiian POG e-liquid is a sensational, tropical fruit flavored vape-juice and it's a best-seller everywhere. We just know that you are going to love this potent tropical escape in a vape!  Hawaiian POG e-juice is filled with the refreshing tastes of fresh squeezed orange juice, sweet passionfruit, and creamy guava.

Fresh, tangy and oh so bright, describes Naked 100 Lava Flow e-liquid. This is aromatic e-juice is yet another tropical expression of the islands infused with layers of ripe strawberry, creamy coconut, and juicy pineapple. Take a trip through paradise with each smooth pull of this exotic vape-juice.

Make the feeling of summer last all year long with Naked 100 Very Berry e-liquid. Hold on to your sun-hats folks because this premium vape-juice packs big, berry-flavor with a tart punch to your palate! You're sure to fall in love with the perfectly blended, sweet, flavors of freshly picked, wild blueberries, succulent blackberries and the zing of preserved lemons. 

Nicotine Option: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg & 12mg

Size: 60ML Child-Proof Glass Dropper Bottle

70/30 VG/PG

Made in Sunny Southern California, USA.

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